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VISA service for your Nanny & Maid:

With Find Nanny and Maid you are sure you will not only get a maid but we will support you from start to finish to make the VISA for her, once you are sure you got the right candidate for you. Choose today our 1500 AED all inclusive VISA package for your Nanny or Maid!

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We can assist you with the application of Investor, Employee, Domestic and Family residence visas in order to live and work legally here in the UAE, our team will support from start to finish giving you a complete service.

You will get all the following for 1500 AED visa package for your maid or nanny:

  • We will organize and translate all the necessary documents required for the VISA
  • We will draft the government employment contract (liaising with both parties for signature)
  • We will process the visa approval & application of the official Entry Permit Visa
  • If the individual is inside of the UAE, we will arrange the in-country change of visa status amendment
  • If the individual is outside of the UAE, we will email this document for activation at the immigration counter, upon the next entry into the UAE
  • We will arrange a Chauffeur pick-up and drop-off service for the individuals Medical Test & Emirates ID Biometric capture appointments (all you need we will do it for you)
  • One of our staff will be there to chaperone each individual during both of these appointments
  • We can assist with the organization of local Medical Health Insurance Coverage, to be compliant with UAE Labor Law requirements
  • We will submit all documents for final submission to Immigration for processing
  • We will collect and deliver all original documents to the individual once your visa has been issued, and passport is released
  • We will arrange collection of original Emirates ID cards once issued (approx. 5 days after visa stamping) before arranging a final delivery

Rules in UAE:

The Rules and Regulations in relation to the UAE's immigration system, are often changing, our visa team is checking every day to make sure you get the up-to-date information at each stage throughout the residence visa process.
We have experience in this field for over 7 years, we have built strong and professional relationships with a vast selection of Governmental Authorities. We offer a complete and quick service, so you don’t have to do or think about anything, we will do all the work for you.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email here today: and we will quickly help you!

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.نحن شركة مربيات ذات سمعة حسنة, لدينا خبرة في الإمارات لأكثر من 7 سنوات

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خلفياتهم المهنية مع موظفين سابقين. معنا سوف تحصل على راحة بالك و تجد الشخص المناسب لمساعدتك في وقت قصير جداً.
انضم الينا و تجنب المعقبين و الوسائط و الرسوم الشهرية, فقط ادفع مبلغ صغير لتصبح عضوا لدينا, بعد ذلك يمكنك الحصول على من تريد و
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